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Unlocking Potential and Growing Character in Today's Youth

One-on-One Coaching for Defensive Play

Who is it for?

Contact me if you’re an athlete:

In the Horry County, SC area

Interested in College Recruitment or the NFL draft

In 9th-12th grade of High School

In your freshman year of college

What will you get?

Customized defensive play coaching for LBs and DBs

A coach who meets you at your level of play

Technique building

Conditioning coaching

Weightlifting coaching

Pre-draft mental prep coaching

Pro tips from an NFL insider

Curt is very detailed and will let you be you within the defense 

Captain Munnerlyn

DB Buffalo Bills

Coach Curtis pushes you to get the most out of your ability while allowing you to play within your capabilities. 

James Bradberry

DB Carolina Panthers

[Coach Curtis] is one of the best coaches I ever played for. He is there for the guys and football. He only wants the players to improve and win games. He knows football and puts players in position to make plays!

Shaq Thompson

LB Carolina Panthers

[Coach Curtis] is good at explaining why the play is run the way it is. It helps a player know the weaknesses and strengths of that certain play. Tough but reasonable. He’s a coach that is not cussing into the players’ faces but will get onto you when you [mess] something up, which I personally respect

Budda Baker

DB Arizona Cardinals

Coach Fuller has great command of the meeting room and his ability to communicate from the standpoint of someone who played football at the highest level makes everyone fit in

Colin Jones

DB Carolina Panther

Motivational Speaking

I specialize in team building and character-building topics but am eager to address additional subjects that draw on my experience as a player and coach.

Who’s it for?

For me, size doesn’t matter. I’ll gladly share my experience and motivate crowds as small as 20 and as large as…2 million (okay, maybe a little over the top)!

I frequently speak at events for:



Boy Scout troupes

Athletic teams

Athletic clubs

And more…

What do you get?

An NFL celebrity at your event

Added credibility

Increased attendance

A mentor and role model to youth

A versatile speaker who inspires all ages and backgrounds

An extrovert who enjoys engaging with others

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