Cutris Fuller

Current College Coach & Former NFL Player/Coach

Unlocking Potential and Growing Character in Today’s Youth

“Achieving your goals isn’t easy, because the key to success in both sports and life is endurance. If you want to make it, you must press forward, because endurance builds the character necessary to succeed. Trust the process and don’t give up! ”
  – Curtis Fuller

My Story

I love football, and I love using my experiences to help other people maximize their potential. So, after my action-packed, 4-year career in the NFL, I continued as an NFL and College Coach, simply for the love of the game and the thrill of a challenge.

Since I’m also a family man, I’ve recently dialed back the pace (just a little) and stepped out of the limelight. But I still love football, working with young people, and inspiring others to achieve their dreams.

Through my website, I’m offering online resources for sports enthusiasts, coaches, parents, and aspiring players. I’ll continue to add new features and coaching materials as my website expands. So, be sure to check in often!

My Values & Beliefs

Faith & Family

Before you can truly succeed in life, it’s important to know who you are, what you believe, and who you love. When you have your priorities in order, they become a lighthouse standing tall amid the failures and successes, keeping you on the straight and narrow path.

Mutual Respect

If you want to gain respect, you must earn it by respecting others first. I believe in the inherent value of all people. I’m respectful toward those I coach and train, but I require their respect in return. Talent will only take you so far without this critical character trait. 

Patience in All Things

In my experience, instant gratification leaves you feeling empty and has no long-term value. I teach that patience brings reward. Work for it. Earn it. Endure. Build character and skill. That’s the key to success. Whether it’s family, opportunity, or training – patience is a priceless virtue.


My Experience

Here are some quick facts for those who haven’t followed my career and want to get a snapshot of my life:

High-school Football

Fort Worth Christian School, Fort Worth, TX

Graduated 1996

Positions: receiver, safety, corner, tailback, quarterback

College Football

1996-97 Scholarship to Tyler Junior College, Tyler TX

Spring 1998-2000 Texas Christian University (TCU), Fort Worth, TX

3-year starter at TCU and president of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Mentor for Big-Brothers, Big-Sisters Program

NFL Player

2001-2002 Seattle Seahawks

2003-2004 Green Bay Packers

2004 Carolina Panthers


NFL Coaching

2006 Dallas Cowboys – Volunteer Scout (College/Pro Scouting Areas)

2007 Oakland Raiders – Assistant Special Teams Coach

2009 Green Bay Packers – Assistant Special Teams Coach/Defense Assistant Coach

2010 Super bowl 45 with Green Bay Packers

2011 Tennessee Titans – Assistant Defensive Back Coach

2013-2017 Carolina Panthers – Assistant Defensive Back Coach/Special Teams Coach

2015 Super bowl 50 with Carolina Panthers

2017 Carolina Panthers – Defensive Back Coach

2018 Arizona Cardinals – Defense Assistant (Back 7 Coach)


College Coaching

2023-Current  Coastal Carolina University – Cornerbacks Coach

My Mentors

What do I value most from my NFL career?

Fame? Money? Nope.

It’s the people I worked with, the men who mentored me, the accomplished and reputable men, whose influence shaped me into the coach – and the man – I am today.

Their influence in my life is priceless and something to be valued above fame and money. I had the privilege of working alongside NFL coaches like:

They taught me how to share my gifts and skills with the next generation of players. I learned valuable, inside information about coaching, including how to develop a team’s potential and how to prepare for success behind the scenes. They taught me how to take a vision and make it a reality on the field.

I’m forever grateful.


Pro Athletes I’ve Coached

I had the privilege of working with these awesome athletes, helping them hone their natural talents and giving them the edge they needed to take their careers to the next level!

I’m proud of what each one has accomplished!


Training With Me

Don’t Wait Any Longer: Take Advantage of My NFL Experience and Enhance Your Future in Football!