I’m Curtis Fuller


Current College Coach & Former NFL Player/Coach



Unlocking Potential and Growing Character in Today’s Youth

Individual Coaching Sessions

Get one-on-one coaching, pro tips, and inside information from someone with a 4-year career as a player in the NFL, 13 years of experience coaching NFL teams and currently coaching at a NCAA Division 1 school. Reap the benefits of my successes and first-hand experiences in the pros.

Motivational Speaking

From board rooms, to classrooms, to locker rooms, you’ll find that my inspiring, character-building, encouraging stories will translate to any audience. If you need someone to connect with a crowd or group while making a positive impact, then I’m sure to exceed your expectations.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.


I know talent when I see it, and I can help you develop your skills through technical instruction, mental preparation, and my personal training program.  As an NFL coach,  I’ve worked with pros like:


I’m always looking for the next college or pro athlete with the same hunger for excellence and the same vision for success. It could be you!

Do you want inside information about recruiting and drafting?

Do you want to take your game to the next level?

Do you want to sharpen your focus and mental stamina?

Do you want expert advice from an NFL insider?

Why Do I Need Individual Coaching Sessions?

Who are individual coaching sessions for?

If you’re a young person dreaming of a future in football, NOW is the time to start preparing. If you’re a coach or parent looking for ways to enhance an athlete’s skills, knowledge, and opportunities, then you’ll need someone with first-hand experience to give your athlete the edge they need to succeed. It’s a competitive, and cutthroat profession!

Is your goal to play college or pro football one day?

Other than your faith, family, and academics, is football your number one passion?

Are you willing to take constructive criticism no matter how much it hurts?

Are you committed to frequent training despite any challenges in your life?

Do you show respect to your coaches and other players?

About Me

 I am currently coaching cornerbacks at Coastal Carolina University under Head Coach Tim Beck.

I’ve played defense in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and the Carolina Panthers. I’ve gone to 2 Super bowl games during my 13-year career as an NFL coach. It was my privilege to work alongside highly esteemed coaches like Ron Rivera, Sean McDermott, Dom Capers, Steve Wilks, and Bill Parcells.

I’ve learned from the best and now use my experience and skills to shape the college athletes and NFL stars of the future. High school and College is a critical period in an athlete’s life, which is why I offer additional professional services and online resources for defensive players.


Curt pushes you to get the most out of your ability while allowing you to play within your capabilities.

James Bradberry

DB Carolina Panthers

[Curt] is good at explaining why the play is run the way it is. It helps a player know the weaknesses and strengths of that certain play. Tough but reasonable. He’s a coach that is not cussing into the players’ faces but will get onto you when you [mess] something up, which I personally respect

Budda Baker

DB Arizona Cardinals

[Curt] is one of the best coaches I ever played for. He is there for the guys and football. He only wants the players to improve and win games. He knows football and puts players in position to make plays!

Shaq Thompson

LB Carolina Panthers

[Curt] has a democratic style of coaching. He actively listens and takes suggestions on how things should be played. He is transparent and understands things from a player’s standpoint. He can do this, because he played the game himself.

Mike Adams


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